The following is a list of common endorsements. If you have any questions about endorsements please give us a call. Our title department will be happy to assist you.
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Our “Standard” endorsements that are issued with our Extended Policies:
  • 9-06: Provides coverage regarding restrictions, encroachments, easements, etc., plus assurances regarding marketability and rights to extract minerals (if applicable).
  • 22.06: Designation of type of improvements and address verification.
  • 8.1-06: Coverage against filed environmental liens.
Optional endorsements:
  • Alta 4-06: Condominium endorsement. Provides coverage that premises are part of a legal condominium; there are no present violation of restrictions; there are no forfeiture clauses, etc. $50.00
  • Alta 5-06: Planned Unit Development (PUD) endorsement. Provides affirmative insurance concerning CC&Rs, homeowner’s association assessments, encroachments and right of first refusal with respect to planned unit development. $50.00
  • Alta 6-06: Variable Rate Mortgage endorsement. Provides assurance against loss of priority by reason of changing interest rate. $25.00
  • Alta 7-06: Manufactured Housing endorsement. Provides assurance that manufactured housing unit is located in “land” in policy. Requires a recorded Statement of Intent to Declare Manufactured Housing as Real Property before issuance. $40.00
  • Alta 102.5: Foundation endorsement. Provides that foundation is within boundaries, no violations of restrictions, foundations do not encroach onto easements. $50.00 for residential property, $100.00 for commercial property.
  • Alta 108.8: Additional Advance endorsement. Provides assurance that advance is secured by the insured deed of trust. $40.00 plus schedule change for increase.
  • Alta 11-06: This endorsement insures the lender that (1) the modification of mortgage does not result in invalidity or unenforceability of the insured mortgage; and, (2) the mortgage, as modified, has priority over defects, liens, and encumbrances, except those in the policy and prior endorsements and except those set forth in this endorsement. The endosement does not insure against creditors' rights issues arising out of the modification.